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I moved to Canada from India in 2018 with a decade of experience in Ad Tech sales and account management. I was very excited and confident about landing a job in my field within a few months. I had a target of three months to find a job. But when I couldn’t get a job within the three months, I started working as a barista at Tim Hortons. What followed was a series of contract work and temporary roles where I was underemployed. I served coffee, cleaned toilets, and did jobs I was overqualified for to survive. But I realized that I couldn’t thrive or grow. That realization was a turning point for me, and I decided I was going to make it happen! I started concentrating on LinkedIn and networking and finally got a job as an account manager at Walmart Connect Canada.


I was later invited by the AdClub of Toronto to share my story at an event for students. Prior to that event, I had never shared my story on a public platform or thought it was worth sharing. I was ashamed of my struggles. However, immediately after that event, many students started following me and connecting with me on LinkedIn. Their overwhelming response made me realize that my story was indeed worth telling. And that’s when I started posting video content regarding newcomer struggles, challenges, and tips on my LinkedIn. By sharing my journey, I hope to help others take cues from my experience and, hopefully, I can help shorten their struggle. Most importantly, I hope to inspire them to share their stories without shame.

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